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Sufganyiot – Jewish Donuts

Working Christmas parties at work has cut down time for making my Chanukah favorite, Sufganyiot. But last Sunday I took a few minutes and visited the Chabad website for inspiration. Their take on these Jewish donuts was okay,...

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Doughnut, krapfen, or graffe, whatever they're named are, to me, air balls. At their best, anyways, they are playful, cheerful treats. Welcoming both play and cheer, I put together a batch using a formulae from Ian Lowe's amazing shared cache on...

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If you're ever in Honolulu, head to Leonards, a popular bakery in that Hawaiian city. There you'll find a favorite known as Malasadas, doughnuts that came to the South Pacific along with Portuguese plantation workers from Madeira. The literal...

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Trending and gone viral, is it just a fad? Talking about Cronuts.Take it a layer at a time, fry it, and you could say it's just fried dough. Actually, the entire concept is riding the wave of genuine genius, namely the creation from Dominique Anseal,...

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Graffe Pugliese

Whether it's Berliners, cider, or yeasted glazed, doughnuts are one treat I can't pass up.  I recently came upon a formula for a yeasted doughnut with potatoes. It's from Italy. Puglia! So in-between prepping for lunch service at work, I...

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