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Burger Buns

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Buns, Sourdough

At work, I always dreamed of making home made buns. Burger buns. And not the average burger bones. Most restaurants serve challah or brioche styled burger buns. I wanted a better burger bun What's that means? It's freshly baked. It's not too soft but fluffy enough to absorb the wonderful juices of a well-made burger.  Recently, Simon Bowden, an English baker in NYC who posts on Instagram forwarded a recipe for a biga-version potato bun recipe. I adapted the recipe for sourdough. And then I put them to use with a batch of lamb burgers. Fantastic!


Potato buns with stiff levain (%)

IMG_9115 IMG_9127


  1. Tia Ingle

    Jeremy your burger buns look fantastic! Would you care to share your formula? Cheers, Tia

  2. Singam

    Can I Your Sumptuous burger bun recipe please

  3. Joyce

    Those look wonderful. Could you share your recipe please. Would love to try these

  4. Jeremy Shapiro

    Hi Joyce,
    It’s up, nursing kidney stones at the moment, but I had to get this up for everyone..

  5. Jeremy

    Hello Singam,
    It’s up!

  6. Jeremy

    Hi Tia,
    Just posted after being off air…this a great formula adaption!

  7. Mike Avery

    These look great! One question – how are the potatoes prepared?
    Many thanks,

  8. Jeremy Shapiro

    Hi Mike,
    I think I boiled or maybe roasted them…off hand I don’t remember, but they are a wonderful roll. And I even retarded the dough as my timing was strained…let them proof a good three hours and boom…they took off!

  9. Mike Avery

    Thanks! If you boiled, did you use the water the potatoes were boiled in to make the dough? A few bakers I know are just gaga over potato water.

  10. Jeremy

    Yeah, I suppose you could…or roast potato in jacket then peel…starchier!


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