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Pan Gallego

While Spain's restaurant bread didn't impress me on my last visit, two bread areas stood out; Javier Marca's wonderful artisan loaves and those found at San Sebastian's The Loaf, where the baking is directed by Dan Lepard and his team....

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After the end of The Loaf in a box, the pop up Dan Lepard and  Ibán Yarza were a part of and which I'd visited last august; I felt nostalgic for the magic I'd felt there, and decided to make the signature loaf called "Extreme". It's one of...

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The Loaf In A Box

The Loaf in a Box is a pop-up (temporary) bakery in San Sebastian, Spain run by Dan Lepard through the auspices of two organizations. With a crew that included Ibán Yarza and hardworking apprentice bakers, Egoitz Fernández and David Arellano whom I met. It has created...

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Bodega de la Ardosa

Visiting Madrid while on vacation, I had an afternoon talking bread with Javier Marca. He suggested trying some tortilla Espagnola at what's known as a "cerveceria," a style of tavern and bistro common in Spain.  Bodega de la Ardosa is...

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Economic stagnation, heat and emptiness was what I encountered upon my arrrival in Madrid, my first visit to the Iberian capital. A culinary venture was hampered by the fact the city was relatively empty, save the tourists, most Madrileno's were out of town. To...

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