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by | Nov 25, 2012 | Bread, Dan Lepard, Spain

After the end of The Loaf in a box, the pop up Dan Lepard and  Ibán Yarza were a part of and which I'd visited last august; I felt nostalgic for the magic I'd felt there, and decided to make the signature loaf called "Extreme". It's one of the  breads I'd helped shape while I stopped in to see my friend Dan Lepard and met Egoitz Fernández (Fagus), a young Basque baker. Egoitz and I chatted about the "extreme" recently, he gave me the parameters of the loaf and I just took it up and failed first try! Second came out better though and I mustered a smirk and just relished that at least I'd been there to see the real "Extreme"!




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