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Montreal Food Truck

by | Jun 17, 2012 | Food, Food Truck, Montreal

On my last morning while visiting the wonderful food city of Montreal, I was lucky enough to find Grumman '78! Food trucks are not allowed in Montreal, but somehow Grumman '78 is the exception to the rule. Something to do with an old law handed down, about sanitation, and so on.


Selling tacos north-of-the-border, the truck offers a cross cultural melange of fillings wrapped in corn tortillas; from  beef, fish, porc and veal for $5 bucks for two. Apparently at times they even have tacos with foie's gras. 


Here's what I had "aye!" A south of the border delicacy with Northern exposure; a spiced beef and a "porc bahn mi" taco!




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