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by | Mar 26, 2021 | Baking, Bread, Croissants

The pandemic has taught me a lot about patience, including its importance in the kitchen. During some of my free time, I started a home bakery. The skills I picked up as hobby has allowed me to continue to learn and repeatedly practice repeatedly…. tinkering and tweaking my range of breads and baked good. 

While hand rolling croissants this weekend for clients, I was amazed at my processing speed. Concretely, I didn't have to stay up passed midnight to roll and cut them. That's awfully nice, given  that I am sometimes tired. Thinking about the wonder of efficiency I had mysteriously manifest, I considered the path that had brought me here. Honestly, it started with a lot of patience. Inotherwords, I gained time by not rushing.  

Enough of blowing my own bugle. Here is an interesting interview with Louis Lamour of Bouloulam (Boulangerie Louis Lamour). I cracked my baking teeth using his great video tutorials on the quintessential French baker's repertoire of must-learn skills, namely around baguettes and croissants.





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