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Curds And Whey

My recent attempts at making goatzzarella came up shy, leading less to a nice shiny ball, it came out less close to mozzarella than to caciocavallo cheese. So when Coach Farm tweeted me asking for a sample made from their milk, I tried another batch. With...

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I'm trying to make goatzzarella, a goat milk version of mozzarella. I had the curds set and whey , but it wasn't quite right in temperature.  Still, I'll give this idea another run, with a good source for milk from Coach Farm.  

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Goat Cheese Cake

Every season at work - whether spring or autumn, I change my kitchen's menu. For a winter menu, I put together a cold weather appetizer of goat-cheese cheese cake. Sporting pomergranate, pears and micro greens,the base is basically a half-and-half mixture of cream...

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Cheese - For me, it's one of the final frontiers in food processing, or just a good excuse to make my own. Last year on a whim, I bought a bottle of rennet at Murray's Cheese. A liquid that is extracted from the stomach lining of cows, sheeps or...

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