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Mac ‘N Cheese

I am not sure why macaroni and cheese became entrenched as a deeply American dish. Someone once told me Thomas Jefferson might have introduced it, improvising on something he had discovered while ambassador to France.  Since then this simple but lovely pleasure has...

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Shortages have many of us foodies searching for substitute products. Among those I am missing as a soft cheese spread favorite, one blended with bourbon and served with hard tack crackers. Not able to find it at the market, I tried making a version of it at home. The...

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An Iced Cheese Plate

As the summer heat  winds down , I have to save fruits from rotting and cheeses from peaking. My latest gelato and sorbet flavors are unctuous cheese (mascarpone) and fruit, almost like a cheese course.

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Fresh Mascarpone

With a Tiramisu planned for a workplace party, I realized we had none of the requisite mascarpone, that wonderful triple-creme Italian cheese. But like ricotta, mascarpone is not difficult to make. So I put together a batch in my kitchen. The process...

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Mozzarella In Carrozza

The Naples-based delicacy "Mozzarella in Carrozza" consists of mozzarella cheese that is enveloped in bread, dipped in egg and bread crumbs, then fried often along with a filet of anchovies for a bit of salt. Inspired by a friend Nicola Cavallini on my...

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Mozzarella Lesson

My friend Domenico is a great educator on Italian cheese. One recent night, he introduced me to some fabulous bufala mozzarella while teaching a class at Serafina restaurant, specifically exploring this wonderful Italian cheese.  Made in Italy's...

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