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Mac ‘N Cheese

I am not sure why macaroni and cheese became entrenched as a deeply American dish. Someone once told me Thomas Jefferson might have introduced it, improvising on something he had discovered while ambassador to France.  Since then this simple but lovely pleasure has...

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Some dishes can stay in your imagination, the totality of their presence emerging within a millimeter of a moment. Such intensity led me to prepare yakisoba recently. I love this dish. And decided to feature it for my staff meal a few weeks ago. Though it's usually a...

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Rina Poletti Teaches The Art Of Hand Made Pasta

Last weekend I ventured down to Charlottesville, Virginia, an area in the news recently and near where my cooking career began years ago while serving in the U.S. Army. My trip had nothing to do with politics or military nostalgia. It was for a workshop in...

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Baked Pasta 1841

In my worn out copy of Giuliano Bugialli's Classic Techniques of Italian cooking, one recipe has captured my imagination in particular; Ultima moda 1841.  It's a re-worked version of a classic pasta dish that is rustic, simple and tasty. Most...

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Veggie Lasagna

I like eating lasagna. Making it? It's okay. My latest effort was a vegetable one and - no boasting (okay, I am boasting) it was a good. Very good. Fresh made pasta transformed into two small portions with one pan cooking. Delicious and simple.

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Extruded Kamut

Below is a kamut pasta I whipped up at home with my Kitchen Aid. Served with a mix of fresh mushrooms and dried porcini's as a  sauce. I only wish Kitchen Aid produced more interesting shaped pastas - say like Arcobaleno. But it worked. Semplice,...

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