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St. Patricks For All

My New York City neighborhood of Sunnyside has been the honorary home for 20-years for an alternative Irish celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Known as the St. Patricks For All parade, this year it made the news with the entrance of our illustrious congresswoman,...

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A Bolted Bread Rant

Donald Trump wants to "make America great again." Okay, while brilliant at cheesy cheerleads and insults, his primary gift seems to be earning the title as this nation's worst president. Ever! Yes, he's a sorry mess of a human...

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Taking a breather!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging recently. I'm taking a bit of a break, the reason being my schnozz,specifically a deviated septum. Work load has been at the limit and thus with illness and stress,can make a less than happy...

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A matter of taste…la materia de ingredientes

Apparently, a war of words has erupted in the world of haute cuisine. The center of controversy  is world famous Hotel El Bulli and its chef, Ferran Adria. Opened in 1961 on Costa Brava's Cala Montjoi, it sits in an area on the Spanish coast known for its beauty...

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