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Taking a breather!

by | Jun 29, 2009 | News

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging recently. I'm taking a bit of a break, the reason being my schnozz,specifically a deviated septum. Work load has been at the limit and thus with illness and stress,can make a less than happy puppy!  But to get better… to lift my spirits before heading to the doc for some minor surgery, I have been cooking and baking,  as well as visiting the farmers market too. All to say that won't fill this post with lots of words, but rather offer plenty of pictures, with titles where appropriate!

IMG_1648 Zatar grilled lamb chops with salad and patacones,(fried plantains.)

Cold Lobster,shrimp, purslane, hearts of palm ceviçhe and lobster tomalley dressing.


Most excellent blueberry and oat muffins


Lettuces from the Union Square Green Market


The bounty of spring and summer!


Rising miche in a banneton


My adaption of Alain Coumont's wheat bread, my Pain Quotidien.


Rhubarb, strawberry galette.


Levain based on Jeffrey Hamelman's Norwich sourdough.

70% Rye/30% wheat, Detmolder 1 Step method from Dieter Buschmans spreadsheet!


No name levain based on a pide recipe!



  1. Susan

    Everything just gorgeous, Jeremy!

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks Susan!

  3. Hans Joakim

    You’ve been busy! Lovely, lovely, lovely… *hungry*
    Keep your spirits up, Jeremy, and best of luck 🙂

  4. Flo Makanai

    Sorry to learn you’re having health problems… Take good care of you.
    PS: I love your Norwich sourdough!

  5. Natalie

    I’m planning to make more rye breads after summer. Yours posted here looked great! Have let me know where to find the rye recipes too. Get well soon. Look forward to more of your baking later!

  6. MC

    Great pictures! I love the Norwich sourdough as well as your pain quotidien. What’s a pide recipe?
    Hope all this good food brings a swift recovery…

  7. Jeremy

    Hi MC,
    Pide is a sort of Turkish pizza/pitta recipe I got in Turkey on my last visit, I did a story about it before on my hommage to sujuck!

  8. apimom

    Link to explanation: http://www.wskw.de/vollkorn/baeckerei.php?Thema=Rohstoffe&Ordner=themen/rohstoffe&Text=backferment.txt&UThema=Backferment&T=1
    In German. It really is a lactic acid and not so much acetic acid taste enhancer with no wild yeast to function instead of comemrcial yeast.
    Can be achieved with temperatur play in regular sourdough. This ferment just has funky base ingredients. It just does not ferment as you found out yourself. It is like the sourdough powder available commercially = taste but no action. Milder taste than more acetic acid heavy sourdoughs. Try active Malt powder and a mild wheat sourdough – same result. I believe warmer starter temperatures (25 to 28 C) produce more lactic acid bacteria.


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