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While waiting on a technician to  fix my ovens keyboard pad, I've been reduced to using my  mini toaster oven in the mean time. Not too many successes, but being deprived a loaf a day is a drag. And when finally  the technician did show and...

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New Oven

Imagine, an entire week and no chance to bake!  A lesser bread-geek might be devastated. Me, I kept my weeping to a minimum by added doses of cursing the blowhards known as America's Republican presidential candidates. That and gnawed on rusks...

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Oven Off

Baking before last week's blizzard, I noticed lack of oven spring in a miche. Worse, 40 minutes into the bake, I spotted an uneven color. The next day I went to turn on my oven. It was dead. This has happened twice in my kitchen. I did manage to put out a few...

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