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New Oven

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Baking, Ovens

Imagine, an entire week and no chance to bake!  A lesser bread-geek might be devastated. Me, I kept my weeping to a minimum by added doses of cursing the blowhards known as America's Republican presidential candidates. That and gnawed on rusks and crackers.  Well, the night before delivery of my new oven, I refreshed levains, and retarded one dough for my first bake. Then the shiny metal beast arrived. Let me tell you, it had more glamour than any car or smart phone. It was gorgeous!  With all the extras, from proofer, dehydration mode and a wring for my stir-fry-ready wok. Let the Republican leadership stick their dopey heads in their half lit fires. I'm going to bake in my beautiful new oven. 



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