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Gregoire Michaud

Meet Gregoire Michaud, world class chef patissier, baker, blogger, and native of Verbier, Switzerland. He's also currently the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong's Pastry Chef. And as author of four books that are filled with mouth watering,...

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Michael Laiskonis

Michael Laiskonis has a great blog, insights into the making of great professional kitchens from the perspect of a master of desert. So when I tried to get his colleague at Le Bernadin, Chef Eric Ripert, and scheduling conflicts prevented it, I decided to go after...

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Nick Malgieri

One of my all-time favorite recipes is "cantucci di prato." I found it in Nick Malgieri's Great Italian Pastry. That and his "krumiri cookies," corn flavored and butterlicious are... delicious! What is special about Nick's recipes are that they're...

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Congratulations Dieter

Editing interviews and posting, I periodically check the stats to identify what people are looking for from all parts of the world. In the process, I was led to an article about no other than that really wonderful man, Dieter Schorner. My favorite part of the article...

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Juan Arache

Juan Arache is a neighbor of mine who teaches cake decorating at his shop here in Sunnyside,at the Sugar Room. My wife first told me about  his store one day and payed for a decorating class for me to attend along with several chatty women, I was the only male...

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Dieter Schorner

I recall first seeing Dieter Schorner in my bread class one Saturday morning about 10- years ago, he left some samples that we enthusiastically polished off! Chef Jacques Torres told us to try the Danish pastries, we didn't need much encouragement either. They were...

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