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Nick Malgieri

by | Sep 28, 2008 | Pastry Chefs

One of my all-time favorite recipes is "cantucci di prato." I found it in Nick Malgieri’s Great Italian Pastry. That and his "krumiri cookies," corn flavored and butterlicious are… delicious! What is special about Nick’s recipes are that they’re easy to execute without the usual editorial mistakes found in many books.

Nick wears many hats; first as a teacher at the Institute of Culinary education (formerly Peter Kump’s), author of nine books, and Switzerland’s unofficial ambassador of gastronomy. His years of experience, as well his demeanor show, not only in personality but the love of his craft. Even though I never met or took a class with him before; I always keep at least two of his books nearby when I need a reference or just a reason to bake something delicious.

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