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Preserving In Oil

Sottòlio is a method of preserving vegetables in oil, usually bathing them in vinegar as a pickling agent. With a batch of vegetables going south - from peppers to artichokes - I decided it was time to give this method a chance. Simultaneously, I was introduced to a...

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Quitten und Kürbismarmelade

It was a jam that my sister served during summer breakfast. Visiting her in Switzerland, the German label intrigued me. It read "quince and pumpkin marmalade." Curious about the flavors, I dunked my knife in and spread it on some bread. It was good. Very...

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Summer Jam Session

As we move into late August, no time better for preserving some of summer's warmth when fruits are at prime. I started with cherries, then followed with Italian plums. Jam on!  

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