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Puff pastry

Galette des Rois

While foraging my fridge New Years eve for a dessert ideas, I decided to make a cake with some puff pastry, specifically an epiphany cake, Galette de Rois. Lapsed in all religiosity, I'd rather make these symbolic cakes and meals to my faith in...

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Reverse Layering

When I was playing micro baker I picked up a book from school and decided to give reverse puff pastry a go. It's a process where the laminated dough is actually laminating in reverse order, what may seem incredibly difficult and yet it's quite simple if...

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Galette Des Rois

Epiphanies are a big part of this past holiday season, namely the Magis and the birth of Jesus. In this spirit, I whipped up a Galette des Rois, which translates to King's Cake. My epiphany was more of an "epuffany," a delicious almond...

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