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Reverse Layering

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Baking, Puff pastry

When I was playing micro baker I picked up a book from school and decided to give reverse puff pastry a go. It's a process where the laminated dough is actually laminating in reverse order, what may seem incredibly difficult and yet it's quite simple if managed properly. Having an abudance of farmers market apples and it being fall I decided to go for another try. Results, so flaky, light and the difference with store bought so noticeable; so with minimal work and just time you can do it too. Having an excess I also made a simple lunch with a sausage, or pigs in a blanket with sublime pork and cheese sausage from my butcher Jonel! While perusing my fridge I found some Brazilian guava paste and decided to make cheese and guava paste pastelito's. Tasty even with a split from just  some sealing issues, were delicious all the same. And finally some leftover dough to make palmiers with Chinese 5 spice powder, for the tea time snack.

IMG_4690 IMG_4694IMG_4708

IMG_4685 IMG_4691 IMG_4695 IMG_4697 IMG_4711 IMG_4713 IMG_4688 IMG_4719




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