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Duck Terrine

This past weekend, a dream came true. I finally met Rachael S. Mamane, author of the excellent cookbook, Mastering Stocks and Broths, and was invited to cook for her. Facebook friends introduced me to this wonderful chef who lives in Oaxaca...

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Charcuterie is selling at work. We offer a terrine that varies, depending on the bird or the additions. From autumn through winter into early spring, it's usually foie gras. We play with a mosaic of layers based on cut. Below is an batch that mixed in pheasant,...

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Pâté & Terrines

The other day some customer, perhaps his vision going even faster than his receding hair line, suggested that pate reminds him of cold meatloaf. I wanted to scream, "bologna!" But I bit my tongue and bit a cracker. Pearls for swine, I say. Since I...

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