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Graham Prichard

by | Oct 8, 2006 | Bakers

Oz fest

Wandering baker

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Having read a bit of history regarding Oz (Australia) by notable art critic Robert Hughes in his book “The Fatal Shore,” I decided to venture  deeper into conversation with Graham Prichard,webmaster of Sourdough. His site was recommended by Dan Lepard, bread baker and fellow Aussie, as Graham has created a space to feed each other information, sort of like feeding a sour dough starter. His site is a virtual village bakery, sometimes anarchic, but always fun.  Maedi, Graham’s son, is the gate keeper, helping seniors (like me!) with complicated coding or removing spam. Inotherwords, he’s just a great guy.  Some of America bakers, are talking about a  pilgrimage to visit, call it “Oz fest 2007,” but don’t look for Ozzy, we’re not into heavy metal.

For now,  Graham was kind enough to talk now about his experiences, his politically incorrect dislike of common bread and how he defines Artisan, or how others do!. We also manage to talk foreign movies, sex and cycling and even a bit on pollution and the ozone, here he is ladies and gentelman, my cobber, my mate, Graham Prichard!

Just re-edited this chopped up mess so you can enjoy this guy, no loops!


  1. Matthew

    Really appreciating the recent interviews with bakers! Keep them coming. One small correction to your latest post. It’s Vegemite, not Vegamite. Believe me to those of us in the antipodes it’s important! The world is divided into those who prefer Vegemite, those who prefer Marmite, and those who haven’t yet decided!

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks Matthew,
    I will try both chef, bakers, even pastry and will even include my friend(Chocolatier) Eric Girerd when I finally see him!
    Vegemite it is “mate!” I used to have some marmite in my Mum’s house, we used it when we didn’t have demi-glace for sauces, weird stuff, couldn’t imagine it on bread?

  3. TP

    Great interviews you have on your site! This one is fantastic. LOL, you guys can really talk sourdough…and other stuff.


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