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The little owl

by | Feb 3, 2007 | Chefs

Last Sunday I was surfing channels on the tube and stopped to watch one of my favorite cooking programs,the Mike Colameco show. I haven’t been successful in getting him on my show yet but I am trying!(Yo Mike!) On this particular show Mike showcased a couple of restaurants where the chefs are actually behind the stove rather than behind a clipboard or on some reality food show!
I was lucky to ask and receive a quick response from chef/owner Joey Campanaro from The Little Owl. What had impressed me about this chef was his esprit de corps, the sheer fact he was working in a tiny space and creating a real buzz with a well presented seasonal menu that has Manhattan talking.The name  sake of the restaurant(the little owl) sits perched on the adjacent building across the street where tour guides lead tourists around the west village neighborhood.The action takes place in a 30 seat restaurant managed by co-owner Gabriel Stulman
in the dining room and Joey and crew in the open windowed kitchen.
If I am lucky to get a reservation I want to be someone who climbs for the wine against the wall, all part of the team effortCimg0356_1 including theImages_2 guests.

Listen to interview.

Podcast (via iPod or iTunes)

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  1. Josh Campanaro

    Hello Joey,
    was recently watching the food network channel and saw you cooking. My name is Josh Campanaro and i live in Vancouver, also studying to become a chef. When i saw your name i was really curious becasue Campanaro is a very rare last name. My email adress is prototype_8@hotmail.com and i would like to hear from you if your not to busy.
    Josh Campanaro


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