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Peter Reinhart

by | Feb 4, 2007 | Bakers

ReinhartAs a baker Peter Reinhart demystifies the different symbols that make bread.In his role of  teacher he passes on the bakers knowledge,because they not only  give us sustenance in their final product,but they pass on the tradition of a trade that has for centuries been integral in human history. Peter speaks about it’s spirituality (the bread). The different methods of preparation and shares his wealth of experience in baking through his other craft writing.Starting out as a home baker he he co-founded  the famed  Brother Juniper’s bakery in California.He eloquently describes and  simplifies the myriad of information found today on bread,"it’s not rocket science!" It’s harnessing the variables to promote the best flavors from the different ingredients in the dough,slowly!


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  1. TP

    Fantastic interview jam-packed with interesting info! Peter sounds like such a great guy. I need to get one of his books now.

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks TP,
    As usual you always say the nicest things, though I agree with you fully Peter does give lots of good and clear information on the subject!With all your experience and great photography, it won’t be long till I will interview you!

  3. David Rush

    I am trying to get a question to Peter. I am using his book THE BREAD BAKERS APPRENTICE and having no luck making any of his recipes work. Is it possible to get to him to ask a question or two?
    I would appreciate a reply if possible.
    thank you.

  4. Jeremy

    Try getting on to Peter’s webblog and e-mailing him there,he corresponds quite a lot with people who ask questions!
    Happy baking,


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