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by | Feb 17, 2007 | Bread

While jotting notes for an upcoming interview this weekend I found myself baking three different types of loaves of bread.Inspired in part by the recent sharing of information  about home baking with a local chef in the neighborhood. Chocolat blogger extraordinaire David Lebovitz always  mentions all of the fantastic breads available virtually on every corner in Paris.Thus being in New York I thought that sure we aren’t there yet with bread, even with great loaves from the likes of Amy’s bread, Tom Cat and Pain Quotidien! Where are the local neighborhood boulangers though? What is bread in America really about, being a member of the Bread baker guild of America, albeit late on my renewal of dues (checks in the mail!), I’m hopefully optimistic that somehow there is a niche for  bakers  in their neighborhoods that can produce quality loaves at prices that can still provide a living for them in the communities they work in! It’s difficult enough to produce bread like a bakery, but with some skill and basic mathematics we can get something close. By far I found bakers are people willing to share there secrets, perhaps more than chefs, who are too busy or creating a spotlight so bright for themselves they forgot what food is about, sharing! So I thought I would show some of my recent and passed breads baked at home, I feel like sharing!Cimg0373




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  1. David Aplin

    Hi Jeremy, I love your blog and find myself visiting it more often and finding great inspiration, the interviews are excellent, I hope you continue with this for a long time!
    Regards, David Aplin


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