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Michael London

by | Apr 15, 2007 | Bakers

Mr_london Michael London is more than just a baker, he is a schmoozer and doorman at least that is what he calls   himself when you meet him at his shop in Saratoga Springs NY. I like to think of him as sort of Voltaire or some other literary enlightened man with a touch of Brooklynese thrown into the mix. I never imagined finding as good a product as his various confections in so far away place, that I may say rival or even better some of the best shops in the city. As for his ability to make one understand the quality it’s a mix of his early hippie day’s baking in the village and his memory of his Nana’s breads. Michael is not only a fine baker as he is a knowledgeable man that shares his views on slowing down the process of making bread. By understanding that it is a living culture in itself and that we are just tending and shaping it in it’s natural form. I surely will make the trek again, not just for the croissants but the good company and great hosts both Michael, his Wife Wendy and son Max were on my visit, thanks Michael!  This is part 1 of the interview or conversation, I hope to speak and learn a lot more from Michael, he is a walking encyclopedia!

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