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Kunjip Restaurant

by | May 5, 2007 | Restaurants

Korea town in Manhattan is a small stretch of restaurants, bookstores, and groceries surrounded by the huge mega stores like Macy’s the Herald Square shops, Penn Station and Madison Square Garden.
My wife was having me schlepp bags for her and my reward was an offer of lunch at KunJip! Since my only favorite restaurant Dae Dong in my neighborhood in Sunnyside burned down years ago I don’t really find any worth visiting that still remain! There were the barbecue ranges right in the tables, the private back rooms for business types and a really great array of dishes on the menu! All lost, until we unexpectedly  one day just found this really down to earth temple of fresh tasting Korean food! Our first visit had us waiting out the door with several people as this busy restaurant made room for waiting and departing guests! The host handed us menus as we put in our order standing in line, I used my food savvy mind to easily pick barbecue for her and a cool looking Kimchi and pork dish for me! Never as adventurous my wife could pick the same dish a million times over and over again! I think it’s  a squeamish uncertainty of ingredients, but since I interviewed Anthony Bourdain I have emboldened my palate and said "give it to me!" Kimchi is so good here, though I noticed my palate is either desensitized or it just wasn’t as hot as I recalled? (yeah right!) I want to go with another foodie one day and just go all out and chow, guess that’ll have to be my brother who is most certainly not offended by the likes of menu choices that say intestines or some other non western friendly thing and makes the feint hearted want to cringe!
If your in the Big Apple come to this spot, it’s fresh the service is friendly and they were laughing a lot when I snapped between bites of kimchi and this strange dried fish that was to die for!


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