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Awake the sleeping beast!

by | May 24, 2007 | Bread

So we are fore casted to have 90 F degree weather tomorrow, I had a cancellation for an interview with no other than Alice Waters of Chez Panisse!, (will be a good one, when it reschedules!) I have had a few good loaves in between my hectic work schedule, but the last  was sort of like a clay  vessel, lifeless! I considered the levain stock in my fridge and I have been a lazy baker of late and not giving it the usual feeds! Yesterday I proceeded with a furious feeding regimen  of water and flour to invigorate the dormant cells that still may have survived this lazy mans schedule, good news there kicking and bubbling!
With some extra levain I will attempt to make another loaf and bring it with me for the weekend to my Mom’s house, I can’t eat store bought and she is sort of not eating lots of carbs!
Looking forward to my trip to Wales later this August;where I will be amongst my home/pro baking peers! This has me somewhat on edge, I will sharpen up a little and try to hone my skills so they can match or try too get some hints on how to really bake! Feeding the starters is my first step, could this be a career change? I might even hazard a trial at the newest baking fad, cold oven baking method? Not!

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  1. Skua

    Hey this is dangerous. The beast might explode in your fridge! How could you dare to show this to our children?


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