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Bier und brezel!

by | Oct 10, 2007 | pictures

I used to go to a restaurant when I was soldiering in the 80’s in Germany. This particular place was a homey restaurant owned by an policeman and his Yugoslavian wife. It was my escape from spam or jello at the mess hall where I worked and I could enjoy a healthy meal and a beer. The name of this establishment was the bier und brezel, so when this last august I was invited to a wedding with my sisters family, I was actually hoping just to relax at home and skip it, wedding buffets are really not my thing! We got stuck in traffic and the ceremony had already begun, children squirmed in their seats,and my stomach was ready for something! Finally the wedding couple got there blessing, a kiss and we made our way to the exits. A line was made to shake hands where we finally got to the bride and groom. I turned around to snap a photo of the handshakes when I caught site in my cameras view finder a site so lovely and inviting that I snapped a picture to record it’s beauty, a brezel stand! This was not just one brezel but many, stacked on a pole with pegs and shiny with small bits of salt. We were invited to the buffet tables where it looked actually like a nice spread, I noticed a barrel of famous Ueli bier, dark and light varieties. On the other tables were crudites and little  brotchen with cheese and ham , my kind of party for sure! There was even a guy wearing an anti-bush shirt, so when I started saying I was the millionaire uncle from America, everyone laughed! My brother in-laws former boss suggested I lay off the bier and get something to eat, I concurred, that bier is strong! The guy pouring the bier asked where I was from and told me had studied in New Jersey, in some town I didn’t even know where it was I thanked him for the chat but pleaded for a bier, "you don’t want a budwiser?" he said jokingly! I guess buffets aren’t that bad, especially with bier und brezel, I suppose you need to go to Switzerland for that sort of wedding?


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