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by | Oct 27, 2007 | Bread

In New York city it’s possible to get a baguette virtually on every corner, some not so good or just pretenders  dressed in the name. Though the trend of late is whole grain breads in the diet I can’t help but give in  to the craving of a crisp egg shell crust and white crumb of a bag! Since I have been toiling like non-stop at work cooking endlessly, my baking has taken a back seat, though I can now figure out a way of making my loaf with the help of retarding the dough and waking at the wee hours of the am to bake! This suite of baguettes were an evening bake, with some left over pizza dough which was inoculated with levain liquide.
The best thing is spreading some butter and marmalade on the baguette for breakfast or some mustard, butter with ham for a sandwich! My next foray will be maybe a seeded bag, or poolish with some other flour  added in to give an un-orthodox version? Whatever way you shake it, enjoy your baguette! No, don’t shake it bake it!


  1. Nils

    Nice holes and pointy crusty end. Sometimes nothing satisfies like a baguette.

  2. Jonitin

    Ain’t that the truth brother!
    I made some other breads this week,seeded hemp based on Nancy Silvertons, short timing and too early in the oven gave it an ugly appearance! Another was a Mehrkornbrot mit linsamen und dinkel, tasty but sort of a simple loaf in looks, needed a fresher levain, lazy baker is my moniker for sure!

  3. Nils

    Cool. I’m deliberately trying to overproof my loaves at the moment, this greatly improved everything, including crust color.


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