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by | Dec 8, 2007 | Bread

Nils at Ye Olde bread blogge is always amazing me with the loaves he produces, and I have yet to make a decent German loaf, so what do you do but follow a German bakers formula and see what happens, right? This particular loaf has some flour, (quellmehl) unavailable here in the U.S., it must be the dollar exchange rate! I followed Nils advice and used a bread soaker which I toasted before hand, fed my starter as he explains, though I took the liberty to use spelt instead of rye. To be a bit different I added another Nils special flavor enhancer, hemp seed as well the flax and Styrian pumpkin seed and oats for the grain soaker. Trouble was my dough was wet, more a batter, so I heavily floured my basket and hoped for the best! No chance this wasn’t going to be a disaster, and it was! The loaf came out with bits of itself stuck in the banneton. I quickly divided the dough into two small loaf pans, let them rise a second time and baked them.
They feel light enough, perhaps not as dark, I may add ale on my next try but I can’t wait to dig in with some sausage or cheese, a real brotzeit for sure!




  1. Nils

    Wow, such passion for bread. Bravo! Those look good, better let them rest a while before cutting. The color of my bread was rather strange, almost like chocolate or coffee. Maybe that’s one of the main reasons “Quellmehl” is used – to give a warmer color.

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks Nils first for inspiring me and of course for the great breads that you show on your site! I did cut into the loaf too early, it was fairly wet so I left the other to dry out, though it did taste delicious and nutty!

  3. Cheryl Langford

    I just made Kastenbrot. I ground the rye berries and made a sour dough starter, with the ground berries and spring water. Fed daily. It took four days before I got a bubbly after seven days it was great, bubbly and frothy. The I made sponge. When ready to bake I used all organic rye, molasses, salt, brown sugar water. Let it set 24 hours. Baked for three hours 30 minutes at 225 degrees and then 325 for 30 minutes. I cooled and removed. I let it sit for two days wrapped in a tea towel and sliced thin. GREAT bread and it can’t get healthier than this bread. This bread can clear arteries and re create you digestive system. (BY the way it was sticky and I never kneaded it) Cheryl in OHIO


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