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Pain sur levain liquide (rotted dough bread)

by | Dec 9, 2007 | Bread

Sometimes when you are googling for a certain subject or maybe not even meaning too ,most often  your likely to just happen on to something that piques your curiosity. The case in point is a French Boulanger site with a strange techno-boulanger title, a link that sends you to a cool recipe site with techniques and methods for good old traditional French breads!
I made one the other day a basic levain using liquide levain, result, phat! The formula uses  farine de tradition, and I know we don’t have that at my local grocer, KA flour is too far away to wait to make this great bread so I chucked into the flour some 25% whole wheat and just followed with the recipe!Sometimes baking a good bread makes one impatient! I tried to stay in the bounds of the recipe, paying attention to detail, though I mixed by hand rather than machine and got a wonderful feeling dough! Taste was wheaty and nutty, just fabulous, I don’t think retarding the dough would benefit the flavor though, it had a tang already, so it could be too acid if fermented overnight in the fridge! The next bread I want to try that is on the site is a Lodeve bread, a twisted baguette from the ville de l’Hérault.

Cimg4655 Cimg4648



  1. Nils

    Nice crumb picture, looks exactly like some of the best pics of French bread I have seen. Thanks for the link.

  2. TP

    I want. The formula, please. Je ne comprends pas. 🙁

  3. Jeremy

    Learn French!
    Will see what we can do after the holidays! Till then bake something! 😉

  4. Mark

    Farine de tradition is simply flour without the additives or chemicals added to it…like ascorbic acid, niacin, etc… If you simply use organic bread flour with no additives or chemicals, that should good enough.

  5. Bianchifan

    Thanks for the link!

  6. Jeremy

    Mon plaisir!


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