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Desem, my first try in a pot!

by | Feb 18, 2008 | Bread

I baked a desem miche today, even though we had a death in the family. The desem levain was getting up to strength when I fed it late yesterday for a total of 16 hours. I then made the dough and it would of been a good four hours when I would of sent it into the banneton but we had to go to the vets,tack on about and extra 2 hours and the thing was coming out of the bowl! I formed it into a boule, made some Vietnamese summer rolls for dinner and decided to put my creuset pot into action. I wanted to see if the old Jim Lahey wasn’t pulling my leg, and cranked on the oven full heat!
When the dough had risen, I popped the loaf in rather haphazardly and it tipped onto the cut side, so I did a cooks quick pull back minding the fingers and wrists! and it was back in the pot the right way up! On the edge of the pot were marks from the wicker bannetons flour pattern, this isn’t for the faint hearted!
I pushed back the loaf, topped the lid and closed the door! A half hour later I took out the loaf and was quite pleased at it’s light feel and wonderful wheat aroma!

So I will try on my next Desem run to perhaps use the levain but maybe mix in different flours, morphing as my friend Theresa calls it!

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