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by | Mar 13, 2008 | Restaurants

Quaint is my neighborhood local, Chef John McGrath and the boys in the kitchen like to let there ya ya’s out  occasionally. Funny part of the whole thing was a recent night out Tim; the owner of Quaint was the dreamer of good organic sustainable menu with organic wines to boot! Surprise, no just a new approach to what should be a wave in restaurants and hopefully a wave of new eateries in this beleaguered part of Queens! Brooklyn is the current hub of the food conscious and trend setting after Manhattan, but people live here too! So give a hand to the guy’s with an affordable menu and some good tunes too boot!
Seems like everyone is labeling what is already a proven, more nature less processing is safer and better for you, enjoying a meal and some wine is also a part of that balance. Good slow manual labor can make the best meals taste so good, maybe it’s the love or thought process’s that combine with the natural ingredients harvested by farmer and chef give meaning to an event like this evenings at Quaint, and hopefully more often!

My choice was the Homemade Paparedelle with Cedar River Farms Short Rib Ragu with Asiago cheese. You know I wanted more but after I finished it off with 3 glasses of wine from Vermonte Vineyard of Chile I couldn’t put my mind into a dessert, I was full and but not to the point of splitting in two!
Sure it costs more to grow and to serve organic products, but if we all pitch in it will become the norm? Support your local Chef and farmers for a good meal!


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