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Spring, sproing and terrine too!

by | Mar 21, 2008 | Bread

When a loaf springs or in this case sproings it’s most likely a good thing! I have been off baking for a bit, not that I like it, but work has been non-stop and my food end of this blog has been on the back burner somewhat, I mean how do you snap a shot when your hands are cooking on the line?

This being the long weekend with good Friday giving me a chance to  reawaken my ferments  in the fridge, I decided on a seeded mix loaf with my apple starter, Teresa it’s going into the mail when I get a second, really! Amazing baker and friend Teresa has given me a little advice on a recipe with grains, but I wanted seeds and I sort of over hydrated the dough, that’s ok though, put it in loaf pans says I! As for other loaf,what another loaf…. hell why make only one kind of bread? It’s a Desem starter with multi flour combo including, wheat, rye, kamut and naked barley, formed in a crown shape with my beautiful bannetons from Cooperative Vannerie de Villaines, sure I am nuts to buy them with the dollar only good for wiping my ass, but who the "F" makes them in the states? Besides with the whole issue of sanitation, pasteurization and whatever else makes germ freaks go nutty, how couldn’t I buy them? I promised the wife to go to the gym after of course, and fortunately my cat had me up early enough to get the doughs mixed so she couldn’t nix the deal, the dough risen, formed and now baked, needs only a good accompaniment of cheese, sausage, whatever suits your taste buds, it’s all in a days work, sproing!

P.S. Just stopped by Johnny the butcher in Sunnyside, got him a copy of Stéphane Reynauds Terrine book. I dropped him off a loaf of seeded bread and he gave me a sample of pate of duck, fabulous!



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