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¿Si los aguacates no estan maduros?

by | Mar 28, 2008 | Secrets from my Sous-Chef


Ever get an avocado that was green and had no chance to mature? Old wives tales tell you to wrap them in newspaper or even in a bag with a tomato or whatever else those old wife tales  suggest! Fear no more friends, because my incredible Sous-chef again saved the day! One day he started stuffing the hard stone fruit into our bin of rice, as I quizzically looked on, "What the hell are you doing?" I chimed in disbelief! "Primo", he croaked in a joking voice and his Vicente way, he explained that this was the way to make them soft and delicious. I tried rebutting his claim and told him we could send these rocks back to my purveyor in the morning; he just chuckled as I called in for some more avocados on the following mornings delivery! What do you know, when I looked in on the green orbs they were no longer that green hard fruit, rather they were verging on ripe, unbelievable! Later I asked him how he learned that trick, " I’m Dominican primo!", he said , with obvious pride!

No shit, it works!

Onion soup with Vicente clicky por aqui!



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