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Vincent the baker

by | May 9, 2008 | Bakers


Every so often perusing the net I stumble on to a cool baking site that I forget to bookmark for a later look. Recently though my friend David Aplin was showing off his really awesome spelt loaf, cut like a pro, clearly a work of love!  When queried by Susan, the other incredible baker from Wild Yeast, David divulged that he had borrowed the idea from another baker, Vincent Talleu, who he said was making some awesome bread. I quickly copied and pasted the link David provided which took me to his photo album of gloriously displayed  loaves of bread.

Vincent’s photo’s are a veritable story of a baker in love with his craft. His breads are featured along with various pictures of his baking school days, as well as home baking with his girlfriend. For me, every loaf is an inspiration. As are his Youtube videos, in which he and his work mates (covered in flour) wield peels laden with dough shapes  ready to become crusty loaves

Vincent even gives instruction on how to slash a loaf of bread before putting it into the heat of an oven. His dexterity is made obvious as he slashes baguette’s, making it look so easy. Then there is his method for folding, cutting and finishing the now infamous ciabatta.  Simple yet precise, it is really instructional as well as just fun to watch, "init?"

One other note of interest that caught my attention was Jean-Baptiste Talleu, Vincent’s brother who disappeared in India while on a world cycling tour. It reminded me of my own brother and me, also avid cyclists. Here’s hoping for the best for Vincent and his family for a safe return of his brother. Vincent was kind enough to respond to my e-mail about his album of bread, which is at the heart of the baker, to share.

Merci Vincent!


  1. Vincent Talleu

    I must be such a baker! Thanks for all the praising. But don’t forget, bread is easy, it’s just flour and water mixed together!

  2. Jeremy

    Hey Vincent, can’t wait to hear you talk about how easy it is! Thanks for inspiring us and keep us updated about your brother!


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