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If I were baking for a reformer, I would bake a Süpke brot!

by | Oct 16, 2008 | Bread

3rd World Bread Day hosted by 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf

My world day bread effort, Luther bread! (Like Herr Süpke)

Nils, that ever inspirational baker from Aachen, who has really helped my efforts and kindergarten steps to baking good German bread, has once again steered my attention to a particular baker’s autumnal loaf. On one of his last posts he had a link to a particular Thuringian baker named Süpke. Herr Süpke made a loaf of "Luther bread," as he called it, a nod towards Martin Luther the Protestant leader. Herr Süpke found that the Halloween traditions imported from America didn’t merit this loaf and instead honored the Protestant leader whom he admires. This bread is a harvest bread perfumed with autumnal flavors of apples, onions and earthy potatoes. For World Bread Day, this is my version in which I added sauerteig. And I will change the name to identify it as my hope for our own reformer here in the USA, Barack Obama, our Presidential hopeful candidate. I hope Herr Süpke would let me induldge, and even give me some pointers on some the fine looking breads he shares on his blog!



  1. Ulrike

    A whole sourdough version of Süpke’s apple, onion and potatoe bread sounds great. I wish I could try a slice 😉

  2. Nils

    Good stuff. I believe baker Süpke will be thrilled to learn that a baker from New York made his bread and even mentioned him on his blog.

  3. Jeremyj

    You know it, thanks to your post I got political with bread!

  4. TP

    Yum! Need bigger-sized pix, Jeremy.
    World Bread Day? Was making sourdough ciabatta….with success! Finally.

  5. Jeremy

    Click on it and poof, it grows!

  6. TP

    Not quite big enough. Not even my bite-size. Don’t tease.


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