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Pour manger une baguette de “Monge”

by | Nov 2, 2008 | Bread

Where do you get a decent baguette like the famous Eric Kayser’s  at 8 Rue Monge, with its egg shell crust and porous white mie that symbolize the pain quotidian of France. Quite often those crisp pointed ends are munched off before they make it home! It’s been a while since I made a decent baguette, probably not since school. Whatever the case when I go back and try to make a baguette, they seem so simple to make. But if not careful and paying attention to detail which is often my lazy baking way, you could come up with a dud.


A lot of bread blogs like Jane at au levain have stories about her baguette travails and victories. So does Nils, whose version I have been replicating, as with many of his breads. Or try Susan at wild yeast
who you can’t go wrong with for all her breads, baguette’s included. If
you’re going whole grain crazy now or feeling like a 100 percent rye,
it’s not a bad thing to go back to the baguette, especially for your
cafe au lait and some jambon et fromage, porqoui pas? Here is my
dejeuner, croustillant et pret pour un peau de beurre et confiture! If
you don’t read French, no worries, just figure it’s an expression for a
lovely treat




  1. Nils

    Not an easy loaf at all. Consistency seems out of reach for me. The tender yet crispy eggshell crust paired with soft innards probably the hardest part. Yours does look handsome.

  2. Susan/Wild Yeast

    I agree with Nils, the simple baguette is the most challenging for me. You seem to have nailed it here.

  3. Jeremy

    Thanks you two, can’t wait to throw some hemp seeds into the mix next time!


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