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Goodbye, Joe

by | Feb 3, 2009 | Joe Ades

Street peddler Joe Ades made today's front page of the New York Times. We wrote about Joe Ades last spring. He died sometime Sunday, age 75-years old. Here's the basic "facts" according to the NYTimes.

"He was a widower. The apartment had been his wife’s — his fourth wife’s. And besides Ms. Laurent, he is survived by two sons, Sam, of Sydney, Australia, and David, of Byron Bay, Australia; two brothers, Dennis, of Toronto, and Andre, of Sydney; a sister, Vida, of Toronto; and three granddaughters."

The details are what made Joe such a lovely part of city street life. Below is a video of Joe in action. We'll miss you, Joe. You sold good peelers at a great price. More, you were generous with sharing delight.  As proof, whenever checking stats to see who is looking at this blog, the post on you is perhaps our highest read of stories. Your self-described "grafter" eloquence and "Mancunian" voice will be missed… Goodnight to you, Joe.


  1. Laura

    I found this news quite sad…everytime I saw him in Union Square he seemed so cheerful. A bit odd, but he lifted my spirits each time. I think he must have had a very unique and wonderful life.

  2. we are never full

    it’s amazing how someone you “know” but don’t know but so many other people “know” but don’t know can touch you. there aren’t many guys like this left. it was an real old-school selling technique and he did it so well. RIP!

  3. Jeremy

    The best was his approach with kids, and it turns out most adults were just as enthused about this really wonderful man.
    I always thought of him as a gentleman storyteller.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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