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Waxing poetic on bread

by | Feb 28, 2009 | Bread

Extolling the virtues of a loaf of bread, it maybe said… the yeast has finally gone to me head?


It may be the dark caramelized hues,

the lines of flour or the grigne, 

it' s something mystical,

Or just the fillings that go in-between.

From the farmers wheat or rye,
the millers grind, the bakers hand and that oven so hot it burns that luster so fine.
With each loaf I make, a different shape the dough takes,
it's still my favorite when it is baked.

Here is a loaf that I love to bake….



  1. Susan

    Really nice miche Jeremy!

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks Susan, the shape is a bit weird but it eats nice!

  3. mick

    Stick to baking, Jeremy !!!

  4. Jeremy

    your growing on me, like yeast!

  5. Jude

    I was told that if you inhale enough flour while baking…
    Nice miche 🙂

  6. Jeremy

    Jude, I must add your site to my link page, as I have been stealing ideas and glances from your own Poilane miche bake and Kayser baguette!
    Yes I can get misty eyed over Miche and anything with wild yeast!

  7. Nils

    It must be spring in New York.

  8. Mr. Meesh Aplin

    I’m last, as usual. Great dark colour on yer Miche dude!


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