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Michel Suas

by | Mar 16, 2009 | Bakers


Unless you're lucky enough to speak with Michel Suas twice, as I did recently (forgetting the first time to press the record button!), you won't quite understand his stature as a pinnacle figure in developing America's Artisan baking movement. Of course, unless you're a baker, you may not even have heard of him. Well, listen up. Michel is the "go to guy," a baking guru who is there when your baguette formula looks  flaccid,perhaps too much poolish? Or when your pineapple pre-ferment is bubbling over onto the floor. Or just why your two kilo miche looks less like a miche and more like a petit pain.

What a turn-around for a kid who dropped out of school at age 14 to  become a certified  chef, patissiere, and boulanger. He not only found great mentors like Charles Barrier and Raymond Calvel. While traveling across America, by circumstance or fate helped him develop a business that spawned a school, and finally a book.

So far, he may be one of the humblest persons I have interviewed. Even though a multi-talented culinarian, Michel shares the common values of most bakers, the love of his métier… Though our first conversation was lost due to my mistake, Michel willing obliged my request for another chance to interview him. I appreciate his giving me his precious time and thanks to his lovely assistants, Erin and Laura for their help. Merci!  And I will take you up on those classes, count on it! I want to especially thank Susan from wild yeast blog, who steered me to Michel, she is a big fan of the school and the teacher. See you at the German class, Susan.


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  1. Susan

    Great interview! Although, as you bring up with Michel, people might disagree over the exact definition of “artisan” baking, I don’t think anyone would disagree that he is at the center of it.

  2. Jeremy

    Susan, true, as you know I am a defiant sourdough defender, keep that yeast away from me!(doesn’t mean I am not lazy and don’t makes some lousy loaves though!),If my mate John Downes heard this there maybe a scuffle regarding yeast and sourdough being one and the same!
    Thanks, to Susan for being my bread blog hero and friend!

  3. MC

    What an interesting interwiew. Thanks, Jeremy!

  4. Jeremy

    Thanks for listening to it!

  5. Nils

    Another great interview with a fascinating individual. Hunting for a treasure…:-)

  6. Jeremy

    Thanks for stopping by,I will keep trying to find more guests for interviews!
    I remember, when the weather starts to change your not baking as much, but Deli flax seed loaf you made looks great!

  7. sydnee k

    great great interview!

  8. Jeremy

    Sydnee, thanks, great response, please come back a lot more!!!


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