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A slow loaf for a fast paced life!

by | Mar 22, 2009 | Bread

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Baking bread is a slow process. It requires delicate calibration of time.  More often than not, time constraints seem to work against me. To put it simply, to schedule around baking doesn't work easily to a chef's schedule!  To address that issue, I have been fiddling about with a formula of a friend, baking instructor Boris Gaspar whom I met at Image001

This particular formula was an exercise demonstrating how to construct a bread recipe. He uses a typical German method of constructing a formula.

I fiddled a bit with the flour in the final dough, adding in some of the last of my naked barley from Wales. In addition, I added some dinkel rüchmehl or high extraction spelt from my dear sister, some freshly ground rye and topped it off with some bread flour. Boris uses malt in the formula, but seeing how it's already added in most American flour, I skipped that.

I first mixed the pre-fermented pizza dough and let it rise a good 12 to 15 hours. Sorry Michel, no notes! I found the time in the evening after work, around 9 p.m., hand mixing it and allowing for a long first rise, with a couple folds in-between.Then I retarded the dough till morning.

In the morning when my cat woke me up at around 5:30 a.m., (no need for an alarm clock!) I removed the dough, shaped it into a batard and then into the banetton. Refrigerated it till around 11:30, when my wife took it out from the fridge. I arrived home about 4 hours late from work, but the dough was fine, I quickly pre-heated my stove, slashed and burned!l



    Formula: Boris's formula                        Date:  06/27/07       
        Grams                                                                                  Grams
    Desired Dough Yield:    1103                Pre-ferment weight:            275
                                                            Pre-fermented flour:            25%
            Overall Formula                          Pre-ferment                Final Mix
    Ingredient   FW    Percent  Grams      Percent    Grams    Percent      Grams  
    white flour  x      100             665            100     174                             491
    malt            x     0.45                3            0.5         1                                2
    water          x    63.15            420           37.6       65                            355
    salt             x      2.25              15                                                         15
                                                                  20        35                    
             Total:    165.9%            1103       158.1%    275                             863
0;                                                                      TFW:            1103
                                                                            Dough Yield:            1138

Notes:    In this loaf I used 75% Bread flour 10% was rye, 10% high extraction spelt and 5% naked barley.



  1. Foolish Poolish

    Jeremy, I’m having trouble following the formula table.
    Am I right in thinking the unlabeled numbers underneath the horizontal line are represent the starter added to the pre-ferment? If so, what starter should one use and at what hydration?
    Sorry if I’m being a bit dense on this one…but this is the second time I’ve seen you use this formula format and I’m a little confused.

  2. Jeremy

    As you may or may not know my moniker is the lazy baker,I will send you the spreadsheet I used or you can go straight to the link of the forum thread, @sourdough.com.au
    Should be good now, I pushed those numbers under each other…hoped that helped?

  3. Foolish Poolish

    Thanks Jeremy. I think I can work it out now.


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