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Ficelles par moi, pour David

by | Apr 26, 2009 | pictures

Just a couple of ficelles I made today…dedicated to blogger David Lebovitz.

CIMG6337 CIMG6345


  1. Hans Joakim

    Very nice ficelles, Jeremy, and thanks for the link to monsieur Lebovitz’ blog entry; a great read 🙂 Sourdough ficelles, I presume?

  2. david

    they look great…but no sesame seeds??

  3. Jeremy

    Thanks Hans Joakim, been checking out your own bread on The Fresh loaf!
    David, I didn’t think about that, this is my crack for morning with some butter and bluet jam, fab!
    I have done them with poppy, hemp, will go with sesame next time just for you!

  4. Celia

    Gorgeous loaves, Jezza! Those points look sharp enough to take out an eye! Haven’t seen you much around sourdough.com lately, where have you been?

  5. Jeremy

    Hey Celia,
    Been busy here on my site and just in general, work, life, etc…but I stop in to see what goes on there in Oz just about everyday!
    Good to see you and thanks for you comments!


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