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Vincent’s excellent croissant tutorial!

by | May 13, 2009 | Bakers

Vincent Talleu, my baking friend has produced an awesome video of production and baking croissants and other Vienoisserie at the bakery where he works in the South of France.
Vincent makes the stuff look so easy, and with some practical experience I am sure it would be, but…I leave it to him for now while I try smaller batches at home and see if I can even come close to such mastery which this young baker has attained.
Merci mon Ami!
Happy baking!


  1. Nils

    Cool. Those look terrific. Merci, Vincent et Jeremy.

  2. Susan

    He is good, no argument there! Maybe you can talk him into showing us home bakers the technique for hand-rolling your croissants?

  3. Jeremy

    He’s headed off for vacation before going back to work, I will pass on the adulation and comments, he is a hell of a baker!

  4. Abbey

    He has my children wanting to visit the south of France! They are now demanding I learn to make those treats!

  5. Hans Joakim

    Incredible! Merci, Jeremy and Vincent 🙂

  6. Brad

    Oh, it brings back memories of making gipfeli in Zurich last year…oh, there just isn’t much good bread or viennoiserie here in Christchurch…

  7. Martin Prior

    Thanks to Vincent and Jeremy for that, I think I will will have to make a cool room in my bakery just so that I can have a go, without the butter instantly turning to liquid. The Dough Sheeter and Croissant Cutter look interesting too.
    I was surprised the dough seemed quite firm/strong. Maybe because its cooler?


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