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Pruneaux et noisette

by | Jun 1, 2009 | Bread


Since trying a prune and hazelnut bread at Montreal's Olive et gourmando, I have been craving it. The recollection on my palate lingered and most recently a fabulous example of such a bread was showcased on my friend MC's fabulous blog. After she made it  I just had to give a try.

I found this formula on a French baking forum on which I was once a member, giving me access to the professional formulas.Though my starter is usually active and refreshed twice daily, I had it stored over the Memorial Day weekend in the fridge. So when I returned, my starter was a bit sluggish and I decided to make this adaption of the pruneaux and noisette bread with a bit of yeast, just for safety sake!

I gave my  friend Susan a shout and she helped me set up a spreadsheet for it. When  I finally got around to making it, it was well worth the effort. I took a bit of liberty, adding more prunes as it seemed light, and I love prunes so much! The yeast did make the rising time a lot shorter. But, all in all, the flavor of sourdough was still there and it has a good shelf life, most likely the addition of butter and milk in the dough as well some sugar.

Most likely, I will make it again and perhaps give it a go with just levain for the next bake. In the mean time, I am spreading some butter and prune lekvar on another slice!


  1. Natalie

    Looks great! Thought it’s from bakery!

  2. Susan

    You know I love this and can’t wait to make it for myself — as soon as I get my hands on some prune lekvar!

  3. MC

    Thanks for the plug, Jeremy! I am glad you love the bread. Now where does one get prune levkar? I don’t know what it is but it sounds like something I would like very much to try…

  4. MC

    I was so enthralled by the idea of this prune levkar that I forgot what I wanted to say: your bread looks gorgeous and you were right to put in more prunes. Next time that’s what I’ll do too.

  5. Jeremy

    Hi all, I only love prune lekvar as it reminds me of another childhood favorite apfelbutter, a concentrated apple confit I guess you could call it? We used to get it in Germany and I found a butcher in the city who sells it in the original gold and silver tins, haven’t gone back for a while, sort of expensive, so the next best thing is prune lekvar, a unctuous prune spread that is like sweet caviar!(strange analogy but it’s awesome!) Maybe I will snap a picture of it so you all can see, or maybe I should make some? It’s an Eastern European specialty so if you happen to be blessed with some former Yugoslavian butchers like I am your in luck!
    If not, well I can only tell you, you should make it!
    Thanks, Susan, MC and all for the nice comments!

  6. Jeremy

    MC, from my own research about lekvar, looks great. I can see your probably going to beat me to making it first!
    Here is the apfelkraut (apple butter spread)I used to love so much, very concentrated flavor and fantastic on a hearty bread, for sure!


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