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WD-50, what I can’t say…

by | Aug 2, 2009 | Restaurants

While just off the operating table a few weeks ago, I invited Susan of wild yeast out to dinner at WD-50. I have been curious  about all the fuss made about these new "nouvelle" style restaurants. Failing to get a table for my first choice at Le Bernardin, I opted to try a cuisine that's less known and, perhaps even controversial in some cooking circles.

Keeping my mind open to something new sounded like a good idea, albeit with one of the leading senses not working, namely my nose due to recent surgery. As I chewed and tried to decipher flavor, it proved virtually impossible. Regardless, I had the genuine pleasure of watching Chef Wylie Dusfrene and his staff go about doing what they do, specifically their reputation for alchemy around molecular gastronomy. Most of my fellow chefs and foodies (from mainstream critics to online bloggers to just passionate eaters) are just curious about what they are conjuring from mysterious and odd sounding ingredients.

Combining new  methods and techniques that sound more like something out of a science class, these folks are not "old school" cooks and chefs  in the Fernand Point traditions of food preparations, the latter focused more on traditional flash in-the-pan rather then crayovac packets and meat glue. Trying my best to cast reasonable and grounded judgment  on this new school of cooking, I have decided to come back in the future and smell and taste – as well as see – what it's all about. Meanwhile here are some pictures to let you in on what we had that evening.














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