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Down in the cave, check’n out the salami!

by | Sep 13, 2009 | Salumeria

Today I went out to Sorriso's to restock my pantry, picking up mozz, farro, and some salcicce! Frank came from around the counter and said hello, then thanked me for our post on his great store.  He said some people came out just from hearing about his Salumeria from our blog, word of mouth. That rocks!

As I was readying to pay, Frank asked if I had a second. He wanted to show me something. We walked passed the end of the counter, and then Frank ushered me to a very dicey staircase. "Watch your step," he said as he warily navigated himself, like a Sherpa going up Mt. Everest, or down, only we were in Astoria rather than Nepal. "In case you fall, I am in front," he said with a laugh. Then he opened a door and switched on a light and… wow! Huge salamis were hanging everywhere.

Frank pointed out how they were already getting the white fuzzies as they were drying. Very cool. Frank proudly told me how making these products were his passion. His statement meant a whole lot to me. It's not often you find these sort of artisans who want to make things with their hands and heart with such passion. Especially in a city like ours, where time doesn't stand still and there's nothing slow about our life or our food. But Frank still makes 50 lbs of cured meat, a process which takes an entire day, from six in the morning till six at night. It's worth it! The taste is… bellissimo. So I asked him to invite me back when he makes another batch. I have to learn this charcuterie thing. My next lessons are coming up in two weeks!!


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    *Jaw dropped*


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