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Updates: Bread baking, sourdough kind!

by | Sep 26, 2009 | Bread

Sure, I said posts would be far and few between. But I got some stuff I have to share!

Here are just a few loaves I was able to conjure from my levain, working on some new ideas in the meanwhile, plantain and quinoa bread?

In this batch there are my most recent test on simit, a Turkish bread, soured of course!


Then a cranberry levain I gave to my barber, Frank.Sicilian, from Aetna, he loves bread. In fact, when I used to bring him bread from my classes at FCI he wouldn't accept tips. He still doesn't. For Frank, loaf of bread is enough. According to Frank, the best thing is a nice bread with olives. I concur. 


Here's my ever favorite Miche. Its' the same recipe from MC's blog. It came out just as nice, but….it stuck to the pan. Didn't have any parchment paper and stupidly, I forgot to put some semolina on the bottom of the creuset pot. Safe to say, read notes, follow directions and well, it's a nice loaf, none the less.



  1. Jeremy

    Thanks Shiao-Ping, getting my groove back, thankfully!
    One loaf at a time!
    Happy baking!

  2. MC

    Gorgeous! Lucky barber…
    The Turkish bread looks scrumptious too. How I wish I could have a bite.

  3. Jeremy

    Thanks MC, my vain attempts to get my bag of tricks going again. Simit was chewy, but alas they don’t last a long time, like a baguette they stale quickly!


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