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Back to the future, my Waterloo!

by | Dec 4, 2009 | News from the front!

It's the height of the holiday season and I have been tested in battle, my Waterloo. A request was handed down from upstairs.  Beef Wellington will be offered for the Christmas season. Emphasis on the "will be served." Not mentioned, first it must be cooked. By me!

Hearing the order, my jaw dropped in disbelief, frustrated at being told it was to be made during the maddening rush of the Christmas festive season. Not even at culinary school had a 1960's housewife's platter ever been made, save for perhaps a coulibiac. But a chef is a chef. And being such, I whipped out my Escoffier to brush up, then went for the digital version of dialing for help.  Namely, I turned to YouTube, watching Gordon Ramsay's version for kicks! Onward and upward, tally ho!

I made my batches of this filet mignon smothered in duxelles of mushroom, a slice of foie gras and enveloped in puff pastry! I can't believe it, I have sold all but one. Hell I have to make more tomorrow for a full house of guests, along with pate, tarts, soups, etc…..Christmas, indeed, what do I get?



  1. MC

    A well-deserved reputation for being an awesome chef, that’s what you get. I am lining up for an autographed copy when you finally have time to write your book!

  2. Sonia

    Retro? Yes, certainly but you make it look delicious, Jeremy. Too bad I’m so far away, I want a slice!


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