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She’ll come she’ll go…. another year gone

by | Dec 31, 2009 | New Years!

Yes, it's the end of another decade. So I can't help but feed  a piece of old bread into  a new loaf to eat for tomorrows breakfast! My levains are bubbling and staring at me from the jars like  sponges ready to pop with a gaseous carbon dioxide release, almost like a champagne cork?


This is my first night going out for this end of year celebration, always seems a bit frivolous watching the minutes tick and a ball of lights lowered on television? But tonight, orelay guey, I'm gonna be rockin in the new year with Los Lobos!

Besides, I have a loaf of bread ready to bake, out from the confinement of a slow rise in the fridge straight into a hot oven  into the new day!


See you next year!

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  1. drfugawe

    Hey Jeremy,
    Here’s wishing you and your starter a super new year. Hope you didn’t overdo it last night – you got a lot of games today!


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