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Per Se, no not the restaurant….but the Chef!

by | May 6, 2010 | Chefs


What do you do when all hands are on deck, you're in the mad crunch and the last table of two is a member who owns restaurants. Then, later after paperwork, cleaning and planning the next meal, your boss tells you none other then Thomas Keller was the guest of that last table.

Yikes!  Well, here's what you do, of course. Look for the dupe, wondering what the hell he ordered. And then you worry whether it turned out well. Or not! And then you try not to think about it! Just knowing I crossed paths with this living legend, someone actually from my past… yikes, again. Because Mister Keller was chef at one of my previous kitchens, Restaurant Raphael. Now he has found me at the private club where I'm head chef. And I thought we were an "out-of-sight, out-of-mind club."

Deep breaths. And then some.


  1. drfugawe

    Having done sev things from the French Laundry ckbk, I’m betting Keller is a detail freak, and holy-hell on his staff – but I guess it all comes down to, is he respected in his own house? And you seem to be saying, Yes.


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